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Varðandi brunann á tónlistarhúsinu í Kulusuk, sl helgi. Söfnun er hafin á fjármunum og hljóðfærum:

,,Music in Kulusuk”
The night before March 9 the inhabitants of the town Kulusuk in Greenland were hit by a devastating disaster. The town’s Music Center burnt to the ground during   a fierce snowstorm. The blizzard was so strong that the town’s fire brigade was helpless and nothing could be saved.

A little over 300 people live in Kulusuk. The Music Center, always called The Blue House, was the heart and soul of the town. All the town’s children studied music there and learnt to play various instruments, almost all of which were kept in the house and thus perished in the fire. Musical groups of various kinds had their headquarters in The Blue House and singing could be heard from there at all hours. Sound systems and technical equipment were also destroyed.
Kalak, the society of Greenland’s friends in Iceland, have decided on a collection to try to help the people of Kulusuk to make up for their great loss. The aim is to collect both money and musical instruments so music may again be heard in Kulusuk.
Musical instruments are received for the collection by Tonastodin, Skipholt 50d, 105 Reykjavik, while monetary contributions should be made to the Charity Account of Kalak, the society of Greenland’s friends in Iceland. The account number is 0322-26-002082, Reg. No. 4303942239, and if you are transferring funds from outside Iceland you need to specify the IBAN: IS28 0322 2600 2082 4303 9422 39 and SWIFT (BIC) code: ESJAISRE
Gens una sumus — Við erum ein fjölskylda — We are one family.




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